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Hello I am Bob Moore, founder, owner and president 

of Cash Financial Services, Inc.

     Thank you for reading my email.  I prayed to Jesus that you would find my webpage and read it and say – this guy can help me grow my business.

We provide financial consulting to businesses and we can help you make more money.  For over thirty five years I have help provide commercial financing to businesses nationwide including Canada.

We offer commercial financing for oil well financing, oil and gas well financing, oilfield financing, green energy financing, hotel financing and motel financing, commercial financing, business financing, equipment financing for all types of equipment for any business in the USA and Canada.  If you need business finance and want your business to grow - complete the Application

  • Equipment Financing is available for businesses.  Business finance - we provide equipment financing to all types of  businesses for all types of equipment from $1,000 copier or computer to ten million dollars of big equipment including oil well financing and hotel financing - next step is to click to download the Application - complete Application the best you can and email or fax it back and we will start getting you approved.  Just click here for the written Application

Yes we do truck financing and truck trailer financing. We like truckers, Over the Road truckers, Owners Operators truckers, one unit truckers, multi-unit truckers, For-Hire Carriers truckers and we will fund startups truckers. New truck financing or Used Truck financing or Trailer financing.  Click here for Truck Financing Application

  • TRUCK FACTORING - what is cash flow

We can “Turn your Invoices to Cash in 24 hours”. Why wait 30, 60 or 90 days for your money? No more calling past due accounts. No more waiting on a check in the mail.  We can improve your cash flow - next step is to complete the Application

We also offer Truckers Fuel Card Program and Truckers Program for Legal Shield - Pre-Paid Legal Services.

    Call Bob Moore at 580-695-0331 or email

  • MEDICAL FINANCING for Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare.
  • Invoice Factoring Accounts Receivables Financing.

What is cash flow? If you are invoicing other businesses and having to wait 15-30-45-60-90 days for your money. Then we can greatly improve your cash flow. We can turn your Invoices to CASH in 24 hours.  Just click here and complete the Application

  • Employee Benefit Program - Another service we offer is Employee Benefit Program for Legal Shield - Pre-Paid Legal Services.  A great service without costing the Employer a penny. The cost to your employees is $15.95 monthly, *in most States.

Request for more information on Legal Shield - Pre-Paid Legal Services -

For more information contact BOB MOORE President, Cash Financial Services  phone 580-695-0331 or  

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